Therapist | Researcher | Storyshaper

Becoming a therapist has been one of the best decisions in my life. Though, to be honest, I think this work found me. I entered university a poetry major, thinking I'd eventually try my hand at plays and short stories; however, life happened, as it does, pushing me out of formal schooling.

With a journal, my cheap guitar, and a best friend, I spent the next three or so years travelling, working odd jobs, in search for the meaning of life. I eventually returned to study in areas ranging from family development, social policy, communication theory, and Black Feminist literature. I later stumbled into behavioral medicine, met Gregory Bateson's work, studied with Bradford Keeney for two years, and have been enamored with traditional healing ever since. 

But that's just half the story

In the real world, I'm a relational aficionado. I've always been a creative type, musician, and storyteller, but what we do in the therapeutic healing world is much different. It's intimate. Magical. An elegant dance. Occasionally mysterious. Let's face times, it's work.


I'm looking for those who can no longer feel that inner flame. Those who are willing to step with me through the looking glass, ready to change their story. 


Is that you?


On the odd days

Outside of "work" I keep fairly busy. I collaborate with several non-profit organizations and community initiatives. You'll frequently see me translating my skills into action, either through regular volunteering, activism, and advocating against social and economic policies that work to disenfranchise or oppress others solely on the basis of culture, race, religion, spirituality, color, national origin, occupational identity, health condition, immigration status, gender identity, age, socio-economic level, gender expression, sexual orientation, relationship style, level of education, physical ability, languaged meaning, and any other unique threads that weave together the fabric of our humanity


Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day because I love coffee and it gives me an excuse to eat crepes and pancakes—which are really just dessert, right? I’ve made it my mission to find the best spots to break-the-fast in Greater Atlanta, so each Sunday morning my buddies and I try to hit up a new restaurant. Any suggestions?

I enjoy compelling art, film, history, as well as your standard hiking, gardening, and connecting with nature. I carve out the time to write a little everyday. Aside from that, you may find me tucked away in a corner somewhere futzing with my guitar and humming a little ditty.


Drop me your info and let's set up a chat!