People Focused.
What to expect

Sessions with me are laid back, full of compassion, and free of judgement. These are often a time where you and I will get creative and act in ways that help disentangle problems, and develop closer connections with those around you. Think of me as both a choreographer AND a participant in that.

In order for consultation with me to be most successful, it is particularly important for you to take an active role. This means working on things both during and between our meetings. This also means avoiding any mind-altering substances like alcohol or non-prescription drugs for at least eight hours prior. Generally, the more of yourself you invest, the greater the return. This investment sets you up to be a customer for change, growth, and healing. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to help clients free up their internal strengths and resourcesother times difficulties are more complex and clients may need longer. Most clients begin with weekly sessions for a while, until the original concerns that brought them to seek therapy reduce, and then gradually taper off to less frequent appointments. Wherever possible, decisions about the number of sessions and the intervals between appointments are made collaboratively between us.

Finding the right person for your needs is important, because self-care and self-discovery is the path to a higher quality of life. The best way to get to know me and judge whether we’d be a good fit is to reach out. I'm ALWAYS happy to do a free consult call and speak with you confidentially about your concerns and hopes, regardless of whether we move forward with services or not. 
Having said all that, know that...
I will be socioculturally attuned in our work. Not only do I cherish and embrace the differences between usthese are important elements that we actually need for therapy to be successful. This also means I carefully attune to the nuances of your family heritage and meaning-making with warmth, closeness, and encouragement.

I am LGBTGEQQAI+ affirming in clinical practice and in life. This approach to living supports and embraces Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Gender Expansive, Queer, Questioning, Allies, Intersex, and many other voices and identities. I understand all too well the negative impacts that sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism can have on health and stability.

I take a whole-heart relational approach to the health and wellness of you and your loved ones. This means that I show up and follow-up. You’ll get prompt answers to your e-mails, a live person on the phone, and if I’m in a meeting, I’ll return your call as soon as possible. I care about providing you the best possible treatment and believe that you are worthy and deserving of compassionate care.

I am both creative and evidence-based. There is no better way to bring authenticity to a therapeutic relationship than through thoughtful empirically-supported treatment. While therapy can feel slow and winding at times, rest assured that I care about the end results as much as you do.
The technical stuff

I am a licensed therapist, No. MFT001562, board certified in the State of Georgia, and clinical supervisor, coaching new mental health professionals working toward post-graduate licensure. I have advanced clinical competence in ecosystemic biopsychosocial-spiritual approaches, gender affirming care, hypnosis, trauma, attachment theory, chronic illness, and grief work. I am the product of a rich accredited education, from my masters to doctoral training—both anchored in systems theory and cybernetics, and focused on the application of culturally-responsive clinical practice.

Before settling in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, I strengthened my skills through working in sexual assault organizations, juvenile drug court programs, child welfare, medical centers, and sliding-fee brief therapy clinics working with marginalized and under-resourced populations in both Louisiana and Georgia. 
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