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Relationship Counseling

Are you and your partner ready to live more fulfilling lives together?

Truth is, lovers often wait years before seeking out a relationship professional. I get it!  Fighting with the one you love most can be so painful. You may even feel like it's your fault or that your partner is really the problem. But guess what...neither you nor your partner are the problem. The problem is the problem. The everyday emotional dance we all find ourselves in swallows us up.

Whatever life stage you may be in with your partner, I can help you work through any presenting issues, and move toward feeling more loved and supported. Sessions with me will really slow down those moments where conflict or misunderstandings happen. Together we will make sense of how you and your partner get stuck in these subtle motions over and over again. We all have rich inner worlds, and you both deserve a safe place to open up and share parts of them. One of the key differences to relationships that thrive, is the ability of both partners to turn to each other, risk sharing something vulnerable, and safely connect around needs, wants, and desires—we can create that. 

But relationship counseling isn't just for those with specific issues anymore. Many seek out a therapist for premartial counseling or to build upon what's already going well. 

Some benefits of relationship work

Improved Communication

Increased trust





Greater Resiliency

Deeper Connection

Relief of

relationship distress

Feeling loved and falling in love again

The Process

Sessions typically include both partners. Initially, following our first meeting together, we will schedule individual sessions for each of you so you can have a full session with me. We will then meet together again, at which point I will share my impressions, and together we will formulate a mutually designed treatment outlook. We may meet weekly or every other week depending on your needs and scheduling constraints. So, whether you're just dating, married, engaged, same-sex, multi-partnered, trans, gender expansive, living together or not - I can help. 

Call or text me @ 404.804.0218

for a free telephone consultation

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