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Happy Family

For a long time it was thought that we could only become a family by birth, adoption, and marriage. It's my belief and experience that people develop relationships with whom they consider to be their family. This has been referred to as a “family-of-choice.” I too have people in my life that I consider to be family. Therefore, I believe that a family-of-choice is a real family, and that family is an ever-evolving idea.


We are hard-wired for connection and romantic bonds are the strongest antidotes in keeping you both physically and emotional well. Whether pre-marital, same-sex, multi-gender, multi-partnered, living together or not, all relationship structures deserve care, compassion, and a therapist you can trust to navigate the tender moments.

Organizations run smoothly when employees feel invested in the brand AND one another. From individual to organization to the larger community, ever prudent, I will carefully explore the nature of the relationships that make up your company's world, assess existing strengths and resources, and intervene in a way that is nuanced, respectful, solution-oriented, and brief.  

Family Therapist for your Company


Growth will always feel uncomfortable, because change is complementary to stability. 

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As a queer therapist, supporting clients through gender care is incredibly meaningful to me. Click here to learn more about that process, and resources for gender affirming treatment.

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Self reflection that nurtures professional growth is about a bigger pursuit we call life-long learning. As a clinician you get that. Click here for a glimpse into my style as a supervisor and consultant.