Video Consultations

As long as you have a computer or smartphone, video meetings are an option for us. I've been offering services over video to patients and clients for many years, providing the same high-quality  effective consultations  as if we were seeing each other in person.


Consider video consultations if the driving distance to my office is too far, and/or you're unable to find a professional in your city or county. Video consultations offer expanded reach and improves continuity of our work together.

Before each session

  • Whenever possible, let those around you know that you're in a meeting. This way, they know not to disturb you.

  • Find a quite, private spot for you to be alone. This helps to minimize distractions.

  • Ideally, position yourself at a desk or table, the sofa, kitchen island, etc. 

  • It is best to avoid having your back facing a window, as the back-light will make it difficult to see you.

  • Avoid distractions by turning off the television or music, and try keep open windows (e.g., social media, email) either logged out or minimized.

  • We can always take a quick break during consultations, though it may be helpful to grab a snack or use the restroom beforehand

  • Make sure that you'll have a reliable internet connection.

  • Check the audio and camera. It may prompt you at the start of sessions. 

  • If it's our first meeting, I'll help orient us toward a feeling of "presence" just as we would while in my office.

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