Who is a family therapist?

Family therapists have advanced clinical training in psychotherapy and systemic practice. We are licensed as Marriage and Family Therapists (or LMFTs), and routinely diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders, working in a variety of settings throughout the Georgia and the rest of the country providing mental health services, as well as working in private and group practice. 

So, what's unique about MFTs?

Working with an MFT is highly effective due to the systems-relational orientation we bring to treatment.  As relationship experts, we'll always be considering how the issue at hand may be tied to not-so-obvious patterns and habits with the people that matter most in your life—and importantly, making careful choices about the impact of therapy on those relationships. 

Since MFTs are in high demand, we frequently treat individuals by themselves, couples (pre-marital, same-sex, multi-partnered, mix-gender, living together or not), roommates, colleagues, other clinicians, spiritual leaders, as well as families of all varieties.  

Check out how MFTs think and work