Family Therapy

Is your family going through a tough time right now?

Truth is, I believe you ARE doing the best you can.  The perfect time to seek help in therapy is before small problems become bigger ones. I encourage families to get “check-ups," especially if they have a question or discomfort about how someone in the family is doing.  It's never too late to get help. Trained as a family therapist, I place a strong emphasis on how relationships impact the way we thrive.  Families (including the ones we choose) often hold clues and resources that unlock the healing process. So, involving whole families in treatment has the potential to create powerful changes, as family members feel a part of the experience, contributing rich understandings of the issues.   


It's often useful to alternate between the whole family and a smaller part of the unit (e.g., just parents, an individual, or two siblings) for one or more sessions. Developing a trusting relationship and working towards agreed upon therapeutic goals will take different amounts of time for each member of the family. For example, teens are often not the ones requesting therapy, so there can be some apprehension around entering a therapist’s office. When working with adolescents, the therapeutic process can feel slower, as processing significant issues requires high levels of trust and safety which can extend the therapeutic work. Children need to feel comfortable with a therapist. To develop this kind of relationship, it’s my job to hold a brave space to enable your kids to communicate thoughts and feelings and feel truly heard. I provide that space through creative family therapy interventions and parent coaching. For adolescents alone, traditional talk therapy combined with creative interventions promoting healthy communication and identity formation are used.

With improving communication always a useful goal, together we will carve out space to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions, to better make sense of each others' behaviors and points-of-view. It's my job to help tailor the experience toward change, but to make useful changes in our lives, we must first invite each other to the table.

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