EFT is based on the belief that emotional bonding is one of our deepest human instincts.  Our need for attachment plays out in all of our interactions, and when a couple struggles in their primary relationship, it is often a basic attachment issue. Each of us desperately wants to know that our partner is there for us.  EFT works on the attachment issues and past hurts of each partner in order for them to bond together and create a healthy, loving relationship.  With a secure emotional connection, partners more easily communicate and solve problems.



If you want to rediscover your love, find better solutions to current problems, reconnect after years of distance, or develop the type of relationship you want to model for your children, EFT may be for you.  Maybe your relationship just needs a tune-up or perhaps you are feeling like your relationship won’t survive.  Give yourself the chance to love again!


Using EFT with couples has been shown to create LASTING CHANGE.  Where other therapy gains dwindle once treatment is over, research shows that couples that have used EFT continue to improve even outside of therapy.  More specifically, EFT has worked with many different types of couples: depression, anxiety, infidelity, medical illness, forgiveness dilemmas, parents raising children with autism and other illness, same sex couples, and varied cultural groups.